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Maintain your valuable car safely for a long time with Hyundai scheduled maintenance

Maintain your valuable car safely for a long time with Hyundai scheduled maintenance

Reception Process

  • Customer Service Executive will welcome & greet you, also assist to attend your needs by our Service Advisor.
  • Easy, convenient and hassle free service reception will be provided to customers with and without appointment.
  • Hyundai Professionally trained Service Advisor will attend to you promptly with a kind and warm smile, take the time necessary to listen and ask pertinent questions necessary to prepare clear and complete work order.
  • Service Advisors will request you to check and sign agreed work order to ensure smooth flow of vehicle repair and provide quote immediately after thorough inspection of your vehicle (upon your request).
  • Agree a time when your vehicle will be ready to pick up after completing repairs.
  • While waiting for your vehicle repaired the Service advisor will guide you to the customer waiting lounge where you can relax or get connected with your business with our high speed free internet access.

Work Process

  • Hyundai trained technicians will ensure that all serviced vehicles will be treated with utmost care and install protection materials to maintain cleanliness of repaired vehicle.
  • Hyundai trained technicians will perform work on your vehicle according to Hyundai specifications/standards, also technician refers the Hyundai workshop manuals & technical service bulletin. Full effort will be made to fix the vehicle right at the first time.
  • During the course of repair if any software updates & service campaigns recommended by Hyundai will be checked and performed free of charge.
  • Service Advisor will continuously monitor service/work progress and immediately inform customers of any changes in the vehicle’s repair or completion time.
  • A professional recommendation will be provided if we identify any additional repairs or parts replacement required. For any such repairs Service advisor or our Technical expert will advise the customer for an immediate repair or replacement if it’s a safety concern or a time frame will be given for a recheck or replacement.
  • Prior to the vehicle delivery, a qualified person will explain all services performed and related charges to the customer, either in person or thru phone.
  • All parts replaced will be Hyundai Genuine parts with limited warranty.
  • We will inform you after completion of all requested services/repairs, also a precise Quality control & Test Drive will be performed on your vehicle.

Delivery Process

  • Serviced/repaired vehicles are cleaned and protection materials placed on vehicles will be removed and disposed before delivery to customers.
  • A clear explanation of the invoice will be given to ensure that customers understand all repairs performed and ensure transparency of the service cost that is competitive within the industry standards.
  • Serviced / repaired vehicles are properly and safely parked in a convenient area where customers can pick-up or wait for service advisor to bring their car in the designated delivery area.
  • Customers shall experience smooth, simple vehicle pick-up with minimal waiting time.

Post Service Follow up

  • Our Customer Service Representative will conduct a follow-up call with you in two business days after the vehicle delivery, to determine customer satisfaction for the service performed on there vehicles.
  • Continuous evaluation of Customer survey results will help us to improve the services we offer you .
  • Service department will use the customer data base to remind the scheduled maintenance/repairs to be performed and also upcoming service promotions.
  • We will strive to satisfy our customers with the service needs & also craft Hyundai Brand Loyal Customers.