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Maintain your valuable car safely for a long time with Hyundai scheduled maintenance

Why we should check the car regularly?
The vehicle is getting aging as the mileage increases and over time. Through scheduled maintenance, you can get out of the danger of accidents due to a sudden broken - down of your vehicle, and extend your vehicle's life span.

Periodic Inspection and Maintenance:
Regular inspection and maintenance by skilled Hyundai technicians is the key to more efficient operation of the vehicle. This inspection and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the recommendations given in your Owner’s Manual.

Daily Care:
Before driving your car each day, pre-operation inspections described in Owner’s Manual are required on your responsibility

Recommended Service Schedule

  • 1st service at 1,500 km or 30 days [Whichever comes earlier],from the date of sale
  • 2nd service at 5,000 km or 90 days [Whichever comes earlier],from the date of sale
  • 3rd service at 10,000 km or 180 days [Whichever comes earlier],from the date of sale
  • Thereafter, Periodic Maintenance is at every 5,000 km or 6 months[Whichever comes earlier], from the last service


  • Vehicles may be accepted with maximum of 500 km or 15 days beyond the stipulated service schedule.
  • Do not carry out any service/repairs at unauthorized stations which will forfeit the warranty of your vehicle. To enjoy driving & performance ofyour vehicle and to retain warranty, maintain your vehicle with our Authorized service centers only.
  • Hyundai does not recommend hi pressure water washing of the engine compartment because it may damage partially or fully the critical electronic components located in the engine compartment.